The following is a letter by one of our readers, Wilson Choo.

I went to the Accident and Emergency at Changi General Hospital (CGH) because I fell from my bicycle onto rough granite floor as I couldn’t brake in time, I had abrasions, and I suffered pain in my knee.

Everything was smooth, the nurse and doctor were really helpful, the doctor even pushed my wheelchair as nurses were all busy, he provided great patient care. The treatment nurse was also very friendly and helpful. The pharmacy staff was polite n explained the medication clearly n nicely.

But when I went to the payment counter about 1pm, the Malay slim fair staff on the extreme left counter stared at me. I didn’t know why. She then proceeded to process payment. After she issued the receipts and MC, I stood up to leave as I am an outpatient. That was when I was shocked that she commented to the Malay staff on her left and said the word “bapok”. Immediately after I turned my back, it dawned on me why she stared at me with a stern look. She is hostile towards LGBT, hence the insult.

This is deeply offensive because I have never made things difficult for her, what right has she to insult me?

Secondly, staffs represent the core missions of CGH, “Caring for you anytime anywhere”, of all places. I least expect such insult to come from CGH because I seen the psychiatrist at CGH in past and talking about accepting a different orientation and now the staff is totally contradicting the core missions of CGH. it simply is shocking! It’s like I am at a fish market talking to rude lowly educated fishmongers but I am in a first world advanced country.

CGH, it simply is very disturbing because CGH constantly remind people not to verbally attack staff of CGH – but I m verbally attacked by the staff instead.

I am in so much pain that I couldn’t even walk home at first hence the trip to A&E. Now on top of my pain. I am verbally abused? Where is her human decency.

If she has such views, the right thing to do is to air her views behind closed doors in the privacy of her home or online chat but she clearly wanted me to hear it. This simply is deeply upsetting and unacceptable.

I hope CGH look into the matter because who knows who else she is going to offend next?