SINGAPORE: After catching a display monitor for non-operational bus schedules, an unhappy passenger said that Singapore’s service is “really going backwards.”

Online user Jerome Lee took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Monday (Jan 1) to share his frustration: “Go-Ahead Singapore,” he wrote. “Why is the TV for next bus off? Only two feeder(s) (are) operating but (you) at least can inform passengers what time (the) next bus depart(s). The LTA app isn’t accurate.”

Mr Lee added in the comment section that “Singapore service (is) really going backwards, providing an essential service to commuters also want save money.”

However, not everyone matched the passenger’s frustration, with some clapping back at Mr Lee. “Going backwards?” one questioned. “Are you even old enough to remember what bus services and bus interchanges were like in the old days?”

A second joined in and said, “Not having the technology to do it is different from having the technology installed but not keeping it running. Two different story. The latter is known as incompetency.”

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The first commenter then countered by saying, “(It) depends on the reason for not switching it on. Down for maintenance? Down because it’s spoilt? Down because somebody never do(es) his job? I don’t know. Incompetence is not the only reason I can think of.”

Still, another questioned why Mr Lee was worked up about the display monitor, pointing out that commuters have access to an app where they can see the bus schedules.

Mr Lee, however, argued, “You trust that app, I don’t. I just take (it) as (a) reference cause buses normally arrive one to three minutes after the app puts arrive(ing).”

Still, one pointed out that keeping the monitors off saves electricity, while another encouraged Mr Lee to relax.

As of November 2023, the MyTransport.SG mobile app was updated to give passengers an easier time during their commute. The app allows passengers to view the different transportation options they can choose from based on the destinations they put in. The options even include transport combinations.

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The application also allows them to see where they can find the nearest bus stops and transportation schedules and even to see whether a station is crowded.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), 160,000 people, on average, use the app daily.