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LTA received 30 reports of deviant PMD users through MyTransport.SG app on first day of CCTVs across SG

The cameras' first day in use was Wednesday, July 31 and although exact locations were not revealed, samples earlier in that month had been taken from Jurong West, Punggol, Sembawang and Woodlands




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SINGAPORE — Wednesday, July 31, was the first day that the mobile closed-circuit television () cameras previously set up at hot spots to detect errant personal mobility device () users were in use. By the end of the day, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that a total of 30 reports of deviant PMD users had already been filed through the .

The growing number of PMD users on the roads (along with the bad behavior of some) has been a topic of concern in law-abiding Singapore.

In order to keep track of unlawful PMD riders, the LTA set up mobile CCTV cameras in different spots throughout Singapore.

The number of CCTVs as well as their exact locations was not revealed to the public, who have the option of reporting misbehaving PMD users through photo and video submission via the ultra-handy MyTransport.SG app.

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The app, which has about 700,000 users currently, has been gaining in popularity thanks to its efficient organisation of all things related to Singapore transportation.

The CCTV cameras’ first day in use was Wednesday, July 31. As of 5pm, the LTA said that members of the public had already filed 30 reports regarding PMD users flouting the rules of the road.

While the exact CCTV locations were not revealed, the LTA provided samples of locations earlier in July — Jurong West, Punggol, Sembawang and Woodlands.

According to the LTA, each CCTV camera will have a sign that should inform PMD users of its presence.

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The set-up of the CCTV cameras all over Singapore is part of an 18-month trial in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency. The LTA said the new feature is in place to help identify deviant riders and potential hot spots for lawlessness, and will aid its current enforcement efforts.

Rule-breaking PMD users captured by the cameras during the 18-month trial period may be caught by authorities and face further investigation and prosecution.

The cameras are meant as an addition to LTA’s mandatory registration requirements for all PMDs and power-assisted bicycles.

Each officially-registered PMD should display a clear label of their registration number, under the mandate that was enforced last month. These unique device identification marks should be picked up by the CCTV cameras.

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Currently, the LTA said that there are more than 85,000 e-scooters officially registered.

The LTA noted that they are using the latest technology to “expand its enforcement presence and serve as visual deterrence to errant behaviour”, which “will help to alleviate some of the constraints faced in the manpower intensive enforcement deployments”.

LTA also plans to use the CCTV footage to assess interactions between the different road users — from cars to e-scooters, which will hopefully lead to mitigating measures such as infrastructural improvements and outreach efforts to reduce possible conflicts.

Whether or not the newly-set up CCTV cameras and the in-app reporting function of the MyTransport.SG ap will serve as an effective deterrent for errant PMD users is yet to be determined.  -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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