A man comforting his girlfriend.

SINGAPORE: A concerned woman took to social media after her boyfriend confessed to her that he looks at photos of influencers and friends of hers.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the girlfriend said that her boyfriend even tried explaining to her that many people do such things, even his friends. He also showed her his Instagram and social media chats with other women. “He might have talked to them but the chats were mostly normal unless he was trying to date them which are old chats. He admitted that it might not sit well with me but he wanted me to let him do it. He said he will stop and restrict to girls I am ok with if I dont agree with him”, the woman wrote.

The woman wrote that she was divided as she said that she found it extremely weird, especially when they would meet those girls as friends. “On the other hand, he did confess on his own. He also said that he doesnt mind sharing his social passwords if I am really afraid”.

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She added that she did not want to be a controlling girlfriend and asked netizens for advice. Netizens who commented on the post told her that she did not seem to be alright with it and that he was a huge red flag. One commenter said: “Leave him babe. Major red flag and he is not ready to settle down. also, doesn’t mean “a lot of people do such things” means it is right. don’t let him gaslight you”. Another netizen also told her: “Major red flag my dear! Get someone better!”

Earlier this year, another woman took to social media asking others for advice on whether she should trust her own husband after he revealed to her that his female colleague was flirting with him. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she recently discovered “my husband’s colleague is trying to hook up with him”. She wrote that she found out when her husband came clean and told her that “one of his colleagues has been texting him inappropriate things and sending him suggestive pictures recently (think sexy lingerie, cleavage shots, suggestive poses etc)”. Her husband has known his female colleague for about four years and she had just gotten married.

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“She has never came onto him like this before this incident and their relationship was purely work related. (Or so my husband claims) My husband showed me the texts between him and the colleague and I did see him rejecting her saying its not appropriate for her to say such things to him given that they both have their married partners etc. She said in her texts that she wanted to see if she stood a chance because she really likes him”, she wrote.

Woman finds out that her husband’s colleague flirts with him and sends him inappropriate photos and texts