SINGAPORE: A 30-year-old woman took to social media to state that she felt like a prisoner in her own home. The single woman said that she was staying with her parents and “Every day the resentment towards my mother is building and I feel like I’m about to burst. I am miserable”.

In an anonymous post to confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that her mother had always controlled her. Even through Primary and Secondary school, her mother would insist on picking her up. “All extra curricular activities had to be reported early to her, exact times that I would end class/cca so she could be outside the gate. I was not allowed to go out with my friends to study or walk around the neighbourhood mall. I had to say bye to my classmates at the gate and watch longingly as they headed off in a group”, the woman wrote. She said that even during school holidays, she had to spend it with her family and could not meet her friends. Even when she was in Junior College, the woman said that her mother would insist on fetching her from school.

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In University, though the woman stayed at school, her mother had other rules. “After class, I was to go pack dinner and go straight back to hall, shower, and then go inside my room and turn on the webcam. The webcam had to be on until I went to sleep so she could see me eat, do my work, etc until I went to bed. Only around 11pm would I be allowed to turn it off and go to bed”, she wrote.

Her mother continued to pick her up from the University on Fridays and drop her off on Mondays. Since graduating, the woman wrote that she had been working a standard job. “I have no close friends, just acquaintances. I go to work, come home, stay in my room, and repeat. I still feel like a prisoner. I can’t lock my room door because I don’t have a key, and she would keep knocking on the door until I opened up. She barges in many times a day even as I’m working”, the woman said.

“I know that she loves me in her way but I am wondering if this is the way my life is going to go forever. Will I only get freedom when I’m a senior citizen and she’s no longer around? I’ve asked for advice before on another platform but usually people just ask me to move out if things are so bad. I’ve broached the subject of moving out with her and she flew into a rage, saying that I’m improper and people are purposely trying to harm me by putting ideas into my head and only westerners move out”, the woman said. She asked netizens if they had experienced similar things and had advice for her. /TISG