A person who rented a BlueSG car took to social media to share that he was charged close to S$10,000 after the person he entrusted to park the vehicle ended up damaging it.

“I was trying to park my BlueSG car, but the space is narrow and I was struggling to park it perfectly,” said the individual in a post on the BlueSG Users Group Facebook page.

Another person offered to help him park the car, but he “mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes,” said the original poster.

The rented vehicle hit a garbage can and stopped. The man noted that the car had just started, hence the speed was very low.

He reported the incident to BlueSG and received the bill a month later.

The man said he was “being charged S$10,000 for a very mild accident damage and potentially another S$8,000 charge to third party.”

A screenshot of the bill notes that for “own damage and repair cost”, he was being charged S$8,495.15. The administration and GST charges were S$1,274.27, and the “third party excess or repair cost (pending insurer confirmation)” was an additional S$5,000 to S$8,000.

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Photo: FB screengrab/BlueSg Users Group

“The repair cost is impossibly high” and pushed him to the edge of bankruptcy, said the individual to Mothership.

He noted that he wasn’t given a breakdown of costs, nor could he contact anyone who could explain the charges.

Meanwhile, netizens commented on the post, noting that the attached photos didn’t seem like mild damage.

One photo showed the license plate detached on the floor and the bumper semi dislodged.

Photo: FB screengrab/BlueSg Users Group

Another photo showed the rear wheel rim was bent from the collision.

Photo: FB screengrab/BlueSg Users Group

“Huh? The car hit the dustbin cause he accidentally accelerated, but your rear wheel dented??? Don’t make sense, leh. You say minor damage, but it seems like the car hit the dustbin with quite a lot of force. Enough to dislodge the plate,” commented Facebook user Teng Hui.

Others noted that under the BlueSG Terms and Conditions for Access to and Use of the BlueSG Service, members are prohibited from allowing anyone to access or operate the BlueSG Car. More details can be found here.

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“Learn to better care for things that is not yours. Damage is damage; to you may be mild, but to others may be serious. The car looks like it just came back from WRC (World Rally Championship),” added a netizen.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to BlueSG for a statement and will update the article accordingly./TISG


ByHana O