Singaporean celebrity heiress Kim Lim confirmed that her marriage with Leslie Leow, her 2nd husband, has ended after being together for only 2 months. 

Leslie Leow and Kim Lim’s wedding took place in February 2022, but it was speculated by June that their marriage had been rough based on deleted photos of Kim Lim’s husband, Leslie Leow on Instagram. 

The Kim Lim-Leslie Leow relationship

The two met through a common friend and started going out by the end of 2021, and evidently their relationship grew deeper. After a few months, they announced their engagement and held their wedding. 

It is only up until this time wherein the heiress admitted in an interview that the marriage had ended and that they had only been together 2 months after they officially tied the knot. 

Kim Lim stated that her dream marriage would be to a husband who could be a reliable partner and supporter of her career. However, they both had misunderstandings not long after their marriage which caused their relationship to fail. 

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She discovered that Leslie Leow acted differently before and after their marriage. Before, he was considerate and gentle, but afterwards he was irritating. There were times where their fights made them speak to each other harshly, and it took a toll on her mental health. 

From the outcomes of the event, it would be really best if they separate and end their marriage. 

In the past few months, she coped by traveling around the world through her private jet. It may seem envious to others, but it was her way to fight against her depression.

“The past few months have been quite painful for me. I thought I would find happiness, but I didn’t expect that my longing for love was taken advantage of by men again.” the heiress stated. 

Kim Lim knows that people might think that she does not treat her marriages seriously. 

“Everyone may make wrong decisions, but you have to learn from them,” she added.