Singapore – A biker splitting lanes on the Central Expressway (CTE) was caught on dashcam sliding across four lanes after getting sideswiped by a vehicle.

On Friday (Nov 20), Facebook page uploaded footage of the accident involving a motorcycle and vehicle. “Biker lane-splitting gets sideswiped by a car changing lanes, the biker slides across four lanes of the CTE finally stopping in chevron markings,” read the caption.

“Extremely fortunate that all other vehicles were alert and didn’t run over the rider.” According to the post, the incident happens on Nov 20.

Video footage of the accident shows the motorcyclist splitting lanes and bumping a blue vehicle attempting to change lanes. The motorcycle wobbles as the rider tries to stay in control before tipping over and sliding across the expressway.

Photo: FB screengrab/

Footage from another dashcam shows the rider and his motorcycle sliding across four lanes before stopping at the chevron markings. All other vehicles managed to hit the brakes on time, avoiding a more severe accident. The passengers of the blue vehicle could be seen attending to the incident at the latter part of the video.

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Photo: FB screengrab/ added that the rider suffered from bad abrasions and is due for an x-ray. “As a biker, it’s safer always to wear appropriate protective gear and never speed while lane splitting. Wishing rider full and speedy recovery,” added

Members from the online community took the opportunity to remind all bikers to practise extra caution and to avoid lane splitting at high speeds during heavy traffic. “This is one of the main problems on our road. Vehicles slow-moving due to heavy traffic, bikers happily lane splitting in high speed,” said Facebook user Lim King Loong.

He noted that during such instances, the rearview image of a car is blocked by other vehicles. “By the time he notices a speedy bike or the bike (view also blocked by others) notice the vehicle, and due to the speed the bike is travelling, he will never be able to react in time.” The concerned individual highlighted it would be best to be more careful and practice defensive riding or driving.

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Other bikers mentioned it should be a standard for fellow riders to slow down during a traffic jam. “Defensive riding or driving is the key to enhanced safety for us and others,” added Facebook user Eric Alagan.

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ByHana O