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President Biden is turning up the heat on major grocery chains. He demanded price cuts especially for basic food items as inflation continues to impact his approval ratings.

The President accuses these stores of pocketing excessive profits at the expense of consumers. In a recent address in South Carolina, Biden expressed frustration with corporations engaging in practices like price gouging and greedflation.

While inflation rates are slowing, Biden acknowledges that grocery prices remain elevated for many families. However, administration officials and allies believe there are limited unilateral options to swiftly bring down grocery prices, particularly when supply disruptions are contributing to the issue.

To address the situation, the Federal Trade Commission is reviewing a proposed merger between Kroger and Albertsons. Though this move aims to prevent reduced competition and potentially higher prices, blocking the deal may not immediately address current pricing concerns.

Pressing grocery giants

A recent White House analysis suggests that large grocery retailers’ elevated profit margins might be contributing to persistently high food prices. The analysis, based on Census Quarterly Financial Reports data, indicates a 2% increase in margins since the pandemic’s onset. Despite the focus on the profit margins of grocery giants, research implies that other factors, such as consumer demand and supply-chain disruptions, play a more significant role in recent price hikes.

Biden’s administration has attempted various strategies to alleviate grocery price pressures, focusing on the supply side. Efforts include significant investments in the meatpacking industry and adjustments to federal food assistance benefits. While some measures have provided relief, concerns persist, particularly for those just above the income threshold for food stamp eligibility.

As the Biden administration navigates the complex landscape of rising grocery prices, it remains to be seen how effective these strategies will be in addressing the concerns of American consumers and influencing the political landscape ahead of the 2024 election.

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