Entertainment Celebrity Benjamin Kheng and wife Naomi Yeo hit up South Korea despite the...

Benjamin Kheng and wife Naomi Yeo hit up South Korea despite the pandemic

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SINGAPORE – Benjamin Kheng shared his first trip since the pandemic started with his wife Naomi Yeo through a Tiktok video. Their trip was in South Korea, mainly in Seoul and Jeju.

The video swooped a total of 330.7k views on Tiktok and 66k views on Facebook. Users expressed their support and keenness for the couple in the comment section.

Photo: Facebook Screengrab/Benjamin Kheng

Most of their followers loved the song choice in the Tiktok video and said that it gave off an 80s vibe, hands down to the couple being musically inclined. Kheng as a musician and Yeo a singer and radio DJ. Their song choice was It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You released by The 1975 last October 2018.

Kheng shared their itinerary in the comment section in case anyone wants to go on a trip to Korea too. Here it is in order:

  1. Saebyeol Oreum (Jeju)
  2. Cheonggyecheon stream (Seoul)
  3. Hongdae (Seoul)
  4. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (Jeju)
  5. Gyeongbokgyung Palace (Seoul)
  6. Mt. Halla (Jeju)
  7. Starfield Library (Seoul)
  8. Moominland (Jeju)
  9. Shangri-la Cruise (Jeju)
  10. Beomseom Island (Jeju)
  11. Bunker de Lumière (Jeju)

Their fans on Tiktok are raging on how cute the couple is. Delicia Joseph, a Tiktok user commented on Kheng’s video and said, “You guys are legit couple goals”. Many more fans expressed their love for the couple.

Photo: Tiktok Screengrab/Benjamin Kheng

The couple met back in 2018 when they filmed a scene for the drama series Dead Lucky, where they posed as a married couple. They announced their relationship to the public last 2019.

After a year of dating, the couple were engaged last March 2020 in New Zealand during the golden hour where Yeo funnily reacted by saying, “OMG, how do I tell my parents about this?”. They later on had a small and intimate wedding with a few of their family and friends last April 2021. In an Instagram post, Kheng shared how his now wife Yeo, yelled “Turn now ah!” during their wedding day.

All of the married couples’ milestones were during the span of the pandemic as well. With 8 months into married life the couple showed how they’ve been enjoying their life together, as silly as ever! Which led to people and their followers loving them all the more!


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