Facebook user Valerie Michelle shared about the negative experiences she had with the nightclub Baliza. In speaking to TISG she tells us why she gave a negative review to the dance club.

On 2 December, I was at The Beacon (great place btw) having drinks and bites before walking over to Baliza. Since I used to dance there (left 3 months ago) most of the bouncers and staff recognised me. I was at the entrance and was about to enter when the owner walked pass.

I said ‘hi’ and was about to give him a friendly hug (as usual). This was when he approached me and said that I was “effing rude” on Facebook (referring to an incident which happened 3 months ago).  I had then commented on a friend’s post (a transgender) on her unhappiness with the refusal of entry due her sexuality (and group of friends).

I had agreed that Baliza had been problematic to me as well – however was nice enough not to disclose it on Facebook.
2I voiced out then why I had commented to Mikey, and his response was literally “eff you bitch, EFF OFF” (repeatedly).

The bouncers tried to calm him down but he then signalled to the bouncers at the door and did a ‘no entry’ hand action and pointed at me. I was furious at the vulgarities that was hurled at me and also for the fact that he had the audacity to tell me that I could not express my views on my friend’s post. Seriously dude? If you had actually treated your patrons/workers well, then we would not have any complaints. First of all, I did not approach him with this matter about my friend nor about payment, etc. I was already over it which is why I had gone to Baliza to party.

When I pulled out my phone to take a video of him shouting at me and he said “BYE DARLING” and pretended to wave to the camera. He started being overly nice because he saw I was recording. I found this disgusting & pretentious. Moments later, I posted my review on their FB page and post on my own FB. This was when their manager called me and told me to take the post down or MIKEY will sue me.

What I told the manager was that I wanted a public apology from him or else this post stays on FB. Let me explain why I had actually commented that Baliza was problematic on my friend’s post:

  1. I was dancing for about 2 months with no contract in engagement of artists. I frequently asked for it to be finalised but it was always written off. Still, I gave my trust and continued dancing for them.
  2. FREQUENT delay of payment of dancers. First it was told to be paid in cash, then cash cheque, then I appear to the outlet and then the person with payment has left. Said they would drop the cheque for me but they did not. I had to go down a few times to chase the payment and collect it myself.
  3. Frequent cancellation of dancers at the last minute. On several occasions the dancers were cancelled at the last minute and was enforced with the “take it or leave it” attitude.
  4. CUTTING DOWN ON THE AGREED RATE & paying the dancers less than what was meant to be in a contract that was never signed by them. After I’ve decided to leave Baliza, the month’s payment was still owed. We had already performed for the month with an agreed rate, yet when it came to payment, it was cut down & they expected me to accept that. I had to pay out my dance partners & replacements too, how was I supposed to pay them less than what I told them?
  5. Commenting that one of the dancers was FAT and that my dancers and I would be replaced and we would have to find another club/gig to dance basically because the owner felt that the dancer was FAT. My honest review is ‘EFF BALIZA’ until they learn to treat their guests/ex-workers right.

And to Mikey, I am still waiting for your sincere public apology.

Baliza had other negative reviews in the recent past.

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