MBN’s new Friday-Saturday miniseries “Bad Memory Eraser” (literal title) has revealed its broadcast schedule.

“Bad Memory Eraser” is a romance drama centred on a man whose life transforms due to a memory eraser and the woman who controls his fate.

Kim Jaejoong will portray Lee Kun, a former promising tennis player who lost his self-esteem and confidence following an injury.

However, using a memory eraser, his past memories are wiped, and he is reborn with enhanced self-esteem, confidence, and presence. Fans eagerly await Kim Jaejoong’s return to television after seven years with “Bad Memory Eraser.”

Photo: Instagram/Kim Jaejoong

Ice princess

Jin Se Yeon plays Kyung Joo Yeon, a neuropsychiatrist at a neurological research facility.

Known as a perfectionist with a cold demeanour, earning her the nickname “ice princess,” she struggles with expressing her emotions due to a painful past incident. Kyung Joo Yeon becomes Lee Kun’s fake first love through memory manipulation.

Lee Jong Won will star as Lee Kun’s younger brother, Lee Shin, the world’s No. 1 tennis player. Lee Jong Won is expected to convey Lee Shin’s hidden emotional scars while displaying brotherly chemistry with Kim Jaejoong’s character.

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Charming personality

Yang Hye Ji will play Jeon Sae Yan, the interpreter for world star Lee Shin. Her character is beloved for her charming personality.

“Bad Memory Eraser” is set to premiere on Aug 2 at 9:40 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Kim Jaejoong is a South Korean multi-talented artist known for his work as a singer, songwriter, actor, and director. Initially recognized as Hero Jae-joong, he was the lead vocalist of the popular boy band TVXQ.

After departing from TVXQ, he formed the trio JYJ with two other members. He has since pursued a successful solo career with numerous chart-topping Korean and Japanese albums.