A Youtube video of Aung San Suu Kyi laughing out loud at allegations of genocide of the Rohingyas in Myanmar has gone viral with over 40,000 shares. Youtube user Haikal Mansor said that the incident happened during the Nobel Peace Laureate’s recent visit to Singapore, on 1 Dec 2016.

The video showed Suu Kyi addressing an audience and reading a letter which addressed her as ‘mother’. The letter writer said that he had been her fan from a very young age and asked her how the people of Burma should respond to ‘fabrications’ of genocide of the Rohingya people.

Suu Kyi laughed out loud in saying that accusations of genocide were just ‘fabrications’. She urged the Myanmarese to not only disbelief such ‘fabrications’, but also to counteract the allegations.
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A red carpet was rolled out for the Myanmar State Counsellor during her visit to Singapore where she was hosted for lunch and even an orchid was named after her. her views on the Rohingyas are no surprise, considering her exclusive interview to Channel NewsAsia. In the interview she claimed that the problems in Burma’s Rakhine state was being exaggerated by the international community so much so that “everything seems worse than it really is”. She further said that the situation is well under control and have calmed down tensions.

Several videos which are in the public domain however, tell a story different from Suu Kyi’s assurances. They show the Rohingyas being persecuted and tortured.

Even the United Nations have expressed concern about the gross human rights violations and ethnic cleansing that is being executed by the military junta of Burma. The systemic gang rapes of Rohingya women, the burning down of their villages, the looting of their property and genocide are also well documented, and prove that the situation in the Rakhine state in Burma is far from being “under control”.
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