SINGAPORE —  A rider and her pillion were caught on camera being thrown off the motorcycle and onto the expressway after a passing Audi hit the road users. A video of the accident was posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, with the caption noting that the incident happened along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on Thursday (Dec 29).

The vehicle recording the scene on the dashboard camera entered PIE and remained behind the motorcyclist and pillion passenger. A few moments later, a black Audi A4 appeared from the right side and recklessly swerved into the leftmost lane. The vehicle brushed past the motorcyclist, causing the riders to tumble to the ground.

The impact resulted in the riders rolling down for a few metres on the expressway while the motorcycle slid across several lanes.

Photo: FB Screengrab

Meanwhile, the Audi exited the leftmost lane and onto the patch of grass before continuing down the expressway.

Photo: FB Screengrab
Photo: FB Screengrab

The video ended with the vehicle driver behind the riders assisting them as other vehicles slowed down nearby.

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Facebook page SG Road Vigilante also posted details on the accident, confirming that the rider and her pillion were sent to the hospital.

“Driver arrested by Singapore police on the spot for reckless driving and suspected drink driving,” the post added.

The video left netizens shocked that such a driver was allowed on public roads. “This driver should be removed from the road and not allowed to drive for life,” commented Facebook user Peh William.

“Dunno these kinda driver all rushing to go where sia? Need to chop their license sia,” added Facebook user Yagyū Jūbei.

Others urged witnesses to the accident to file a police report. “We need these kinds of drivers off the road,” said a netizen.

Many also called on authorities to take severe action on the Audi driver, noting such behaviour was attempted murder.

“Shocking but waiting to read what sentence driver will get because if got money to get lawyer can get slap on the wrist,” said a concerned netizen. /TISG

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ByHana O