SINGAPORE — A 64-year-old customer, Mr Hong, requested two bowls of rice with his order of fish soup from a hawker stall at Kukoh 21 Food Centre in Block 1 Jalan Kukoh between Havelock Road and Chin Swee Road. A female stall staff said they only served one bowl of rice per bowl of soup.

The information angered Mr Hong, and he grabbed a tray with a bowl of fish soup that belonged to another customer. Seeing what was about to happen, the female staff grabbed the tray, and the two began a tug-of-war match. It was only logical that moving a bowl of hot soup back and forth would result in hot liquid splashing out. The two were scalded by the soup and suffered from blisters.

Chinese language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that Mr Hong had queued for his order on Tuesday (Dec 27). A female staff accused Mr Hong of stealing and called the police. Upon police arrival, Mr Hong paid the hawkers S$5 and left the scene.

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The female hawker stall staff added that her husband suffered a stroke and had mobility issues. He also has difficulty hearing, so he spoke loudly, possibly adding to Mr Hong’s frustration. She said their business was affected while Mr Hong blocked other diners from ordering during the commotion. /TISG

ByHana O