Republished from Tan Wah Piow’s Facebook.

Following my last posting on Lord Lester’s “Five Ideas to fight for”, a certain Kesoi Mok made a comment questioning my integrity. That prompted Tay Kheng Soon, one of Singapore’s most creative and original intellectual and architect to response.
Below are the exchanges:
Kesoi Mok: He escapes from Singapore long ago. Never having the courage to face the consequences of what he sets out to do. Now in the comfort of London he seems to preach “IDEAS’. Will anyone listens to a guy who runs away and leaves his idea behind?
Tay Kheng Soon: You need to know the facts before you leverage off the msm narrative. He didnt run away. He escaped from the lies of phey yew kok.
Kesoi Mok: Tay Kheng Soon he should remain and clear himself. Leaving Singapore can only mean his lack of integrity. After all the Sinapore Government has never be known to hang political prisoners or jailed crusadors or give them black eyes in the past while they are in custody. So why spirit off? If I am him, just enjoy himself. Singapore may not be perfect but there are many countless places where he can fight for this or that or whatever he like. Wo knows he may be the next Nobel Peace Prize contender. All the past contenders never run away from a fight. They stand firm. And that makes them a winner.
Tay Kheng Soon: Gosh kesoi you really need to know what happened! Politics is no picnic! People get hurt!
Kesoi Mok: I am impressed by your loyalty to your friends. Yes we leave it as it is. Have a nice day.
Tay Kheng Soon: It is not loyalty its knowing the facts! Do you know the facts?
Tay Kheng Soon: I tell a funny story about law in Singapore. One day many years ago i went to the cricket club. As i walked pass the supreme court i happened to look up and noticed for the first time that lady justice is not blind folded. Flabergasted I said loudly “hey justice is not blind folded!” From the bar a loud voice sounded out, “and rightly so! We must know who we prosecute!” It was Justice Sinnathurey who can be excused as he was probably under the influence!
Tan Wah-Piow: Dear Kheng Soon, I am amused by your observation that lady Justice is not blindfolded. I think Mr Justice has more than one pair of eyes, that’s why I am still waiting for a reply from the Attorney General to my letter of 28 January 2016.
Kesoi Mok: Why not make it an open letter and in this way the reply or rebuttal would be more forthcoming. Or better still return and clear your name or whatever you are accused of.
Tay Kheng Soon: Maybe he is waiting for inspiration from the beyond!
————– end of the exchanges —————————
As Kesoi Mok dId not know what he did not know, i don’t blame him for his remarks.
He asked me to publish my letter to the AG. In fact it was published on the 30 January 2016 both in The Independent Singapore, The One-Line Citizen, and TRE.
For the benefit of Kesoi Mok and others who have not read the letter, I reproduce the piece in the TOC which carried my letter in full, including some background facts.
Now that Kesoi Mok knows what he did not know, i hope he will now revise his opinion. While he is still entitled to his opinion, he is not entitled to have his own ‘facts’.
By the way, the AG Chambers did inform me that that they were still looking into the matter. It has taken them a long while, and still pending.
Well justice takes time, either this time or next time.