In the wake of an unprecedented earthquake shaking New Jersey and sending ripples through New York and New England, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is urging Americans to heed what she sees as divine warnings ahead of Monday’s solar eclipse.

Dubbed a “proud Christian nationalist” with a penchant for using religion to confront adversaries, Congresswoman Greene has a track record of championing misinformation and conspiracy theories.

“God is sending America strong signs to urge us to repent,” Greene cautioned on Friday, following the earthquake. “Earthquakes, eclipses, and more to come. I pray that our nation takes heed.”

Despite her warning, Greene didn’t specify what transgressions she believes America needs to repent for.

Her remarks swiftly garnered attention.

Atone amid divine warnings

“Mounting engagement from believers on the MT Greene post,” observed former Republican U.S. Congressman Denver Riggleman. “I’d dare say that rampant ignorance is a sign of the times, as it perpetuates itself. Let’s combat ignorance because it’s unfixable. Let’s halt the ‘end-times’.”

CNN’s senior political commentator Adam Kinzinger, himself a Republican and former U.S. Congressman, injected a dose of reality into the discourse. “Here’s a fun fact: there are roughly 3 solar eclipses annually worldwide, along with numerous earthquakes. Both phenomena were predetermined at the universe’s inception. The solar eclipse isn’t a signal, it’s just an incredible spectacle, provided the clouds cooperate. And this lady is in Congress?”

Her Friday post garnered widespread ridicule. One user mocked Greene by referencing her past mistakes and conspiracy theories, joking, “Remember the Jewish Space Lasers controlled by the Gazpacho Police targeting the Peach Tree dishes on Capitol Hill?”

Marjorie Taylor Greene remains in the spotlight due to her inclination toward controversial statements, ranging from minimizing the significance of the January 6 events to issuing inflammatory comments directed at the Democratic Party.

With her reputation for controversial statements, Greene has sparked speculation about whether she sincerely anticipates an impending doomsday or if this is merely another ploy to attract attention.

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