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SINGAPORE: An ADP survey has revealed a concerning trend in Singapore’s workforce where nearly half of the workers (48%) feel they are underpaid, with arts and culture employees feeling the most dissatisfied.

Singapore Business Review reported that ADP’s People at Work 2024 report highlighted that 48% of Singaporean employees believe their pay does not match their efforts, placing Singapore at the top of the dissatisfaction chart in the Asia Pacific region. This figure is higher than that of Australia (42%), India (41%), Japan (36%), and China (31%).

While there is a broader trend of pay dissatisfaction among Singaporean workers, the arts and culture sector stands out with a striking 67% of those surveyed feeling underpaid.

The professional services sector also saw 55% of employees feeling underpaid, while the architecture, engineering, and building industries had a 50% dissatisfaction rate.

The survey also revealed that the importance of salary has increased among Singaporean workers. This year, 71% of respondents indicated that salary was a crucial factor in their job satisfaction, up from 69% last year. 

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If salary increases are not possible, employees said they would appreciate other forms of compensation, like bonuses, extra paid leave, vouchers, or shorter work hours. /TISG

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