Screen grab of WDA's promotional video
Screen grab of WDA’s promotional video

A letter writer to the Today paper makes a valid point. Jenny Ng argues that government advertisements should not profile its work. That is waste of taxpayers’ money.

This is what she says:
“Recently, I have seen many advertisements by government agencies on TV and especially on social media platforms. I can understand if the messages are meant to inform the general public of new initiatives that benefit the or affect us. But many of these ads only profile the work of the agencies and have no wide impact.
“For example, the Workforce Development Agency had advertised an event recognising companies for training their workers. But would this event not have been already reported in the news?
“The WDA seems to also be advertising aggressively on social media. Perhaps, it should justify the cost and effectiveness of its marketing expenditure, as external agencies would have been appointed to manage and run these ads.”
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