Another customer has expressed shock over the exorbitant prices Nasi Padang stalls in shopping centre food courts are charging these days.

The customer, Malaysian Raymond Yeoh who has only been here for three weeks, shared online that he was charged the hefty price for a plate of rice, fried fish, mutton cubes, anchovies and peanuts.

Sharing a photo of his meal and a receipt, that shows he had the meal the Padang Padang stall at the Food Opera food court at ION Orchard last Friday (16 Mar), Yeoh wrote: “I just moved to Singapore 3 weeks ago and I had this Mix Rice in Padang Padang @ ION Orchard. Guess how much is this? I believe this is not the usual price even for tourist…”

This is not the first time that a post on how expensive Nasi Padang dishes are in mall food courts here has trended online.

Just last Tuesday, Singaporean Nizam Vanderbeek’s post that a plate of white rice, fried fish, and one serving of vegetables cost him a hefty $14 at a local Kopitiam went viral online, with netizens being surprised that he was charged such exorbitant prices for one meal at a food court.

An average food court Nasi Padang dish with rice, one meat dish and two vegetable dishes would cost around S$6.50.

Some netizens questioned whether the fish was an expensive pomfret fish and opined that it looks like the serving size and the takeaway box appear to be larger than usual, and that this might have affected the price. Others asked Nizam whether he checked the price of the dishes before making his order.

Still others shared their own experiences of being charged exorbitant prices for single meals at food courts here:

Qamara Myra Fazz: Omg…yes even in paya lebar squara is getting expensive n the fish is smaller .. that was the ayam penyet.. i hv wrote to the management.. about it im not sure if we should report to case
Haffnie Haffiz: Kopitiam at NUH too… 1 pc of fish= $14.
Anilama Halludba: my mother also kena that kind of ridiculous price which is close to 20 dollars..and she take 2 meat with 1 veg..