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In a surprising turn of events, President Biden announced plans to defund the border wall by $50 million in 2025, sparking controversy. He attributed the surge in illegal immigration to former President Trump’s policies, yet his decision to cut funding for the wall, designed to protect the United States, has raised eyebrows. 

This move highlights the ongoing debate over immigration policies and border security, with critics questioning the effectiveness of Biden’s approach while facing increasing pressure to address border challenges.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the FY 2025 Budget allocates $656.9 million for bolstering border enforcement operations, trade, and travel facilitation, along with enhancing mission capabilities and support. 

Additionally, it proposes defunding the $50 million in PC&I Border Wall funds from FY 2021 appropriations, originally intended for project cost overruns and residual program costs. CBP estimates surplus balances, allowing redirection towards smarter, technology-driven border security. 

Illegal immigrant crisis leads Biden to defund $50 million towards the border wall

Furthermore, X users are saying that Biden will blame the Republicans for the rise of illegals in America. Unfortunately, those who support the Democrats will believe what he says and blame the Republicans for it. When in reality, the Democrats are seemingly doing the contrary of what they’re saying. 

Following that, users are mourning the loss of Laken Riley as they say she was taken too soon. Americans claim that Biden is doing the very best he can to make the country less safe for them. To some, having the border wall means that the country will be safe from illegal immigrants that may harm them. 

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