The move comes in the wake of a revolution in Haiti, which saw the rise of a controversial figure known as “Barbecue,” purportedly involved in acts of cannibalism. As the situation in Haiti remains volatile, with “Barbecue” assuming control, neighboring countries like the Dominican Republic are taking drastic measures to safeguard their borders and mitigate potential spillover effects of the unrest. 

Conservative Americans are casting their doubts and fears if these people will try entering the United States next. The country is one of the most discussed topics in recent days, simply due to the revolt happening there. 

The Financial Times states, amidst Haiti’s escalating crisis, the Dominican Republic’s President Abinader has barred Prime Minister Henry from entering, citing security concerns. The move complicates Henry’s return amidst a gang uprising. 

Furthermore, the region faces turmoil as gangs in Port-au-Prince revolted against Henry’s leadership. Caribbean leaders have called for emergency talks with the US, Canada, and France to address the violence. The Dominican Republic shut its border with Haiti, heightening tensions. 

Le Monde reported that an estimated between 15,000 – 200,000 Haitians crossed the border to the Dominican Republic. 

Dominican Republic mass deporting Haitians 


Following that, conservatives add that a country like the Dominican Republic is able to deport their neighbors back to their homeland. However, a powerful country like the United States is not able to do anything about their crisis. Many found this to be highly contradictory. 

In addition to this, conservatives are fearful that these individuals will “invade” America through Florida. But, some state that DeSantis has made his borders secure. Liberals respond to this opinion citing that most Americans today come from an illegal immigrant centuries ago.

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