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Conservatives are now mad at another corporation, CVS that is allegedly is promoting the DEI agenda. Apparently, an exclusive leaked document from EndWokeness on X shows details on the company’s move to hire individuals for “inclusivity.” However, it seems that the whole DEI movement is headed in a negative direction. 

According to AP News, the DEI movement is being challenged by an 1866 Civil Rights law. A legal battle is unfolding over the use of Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to challenge workplace diversity programs and minority-owned business funding. 

Conservative activists have applied Section 1981 against companies like Progressive and Pfizer. Fearless Fund’s legal counsel, Alphonso David, noted a coordinated use of Section 1981, signaling a shift in the battle over racial considerations, particularly after the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling.

CVS alleged leaked internal documents on DEI angers conservatives

Conservatives state that the whole DEI agenda needs to be stopped as it is discrimination against White people and Asian people. Furthermore, they are accusing the woke left of promoting inequality among Americans. It is a bleak thought that the government and corporations are involved in this move. 

Others state that this happened to those who were unvaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines back in 2021. On a health aspect, during the time, these corporations thought that it was the best move to curb the pandemic. 

A rather popular opinion on X is that the whole DEI initiative should be scrapped and be forgotten. It seems that conservatives are in favour of a meritocracy rather than having diversity hires. Regardless, these opinions would bring out strong reactions on those who either approve or disapprove the whole idea. 

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