The DEI policy is going down as one of the more unpopular moves done by major corporations in America. Furthermore, the judgement of someone based on their race is inherently wrong, and it applies to everyone. Recently, PwC, a major accounting firm made an update for their intern requirements which went down the total opposite of what they wanted. 

According to Yahoo News, PwC has abandoned race-based eligibility criteria for internships in the US after facing accusations of discrimination. Previously restricted to ethnic minority, disabled, or veteran students, the move aimed at diversifying the workforce became controversial, leading to the removal of these restrictions. 

The change follows a US Supreme Court ruling prohibiting race consideration in university admissions. The court’s conservative majority argued against affirmative action policies. Activist group America First Legal accused PwC of violating discrimination laws. 

PwC now emphasizes “rigour” in diversity and inclusion efforts, with a diversity report no longer committing to awarding 40% of procurement budget to minority-owned suppliers.

PwC allowing White interns to apply after DEI fiasco 

Conservative pages like Endwokeness feel that the accounting firm will continue on prioritising their DEI policies. They state that the firm would not be as open with their intentions as they were recently. It seems that an abundance of X users agree with this sentiment too. 


Others state that this still makes no difference as they feel that White candidates may less likely get a position in the company. Furthermore, X users feel that this situation is not much better than it was recently. More woke organisations are seemingly forcing this inclusivity idea on to their employees. 


For the most part, X users are blaming the Democrats for this as the sentiment shows that these firms are following the ruling party of the United States. Some are even alleging that the party is the “religion” for these corporations. 

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