SINGAPORE: The age of drug users in Singapore is trending lower, with 27% of drug addicts under the age of 30 according to the latest data from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). The data shows that the number of young drug users arrested in Singapore last year increased by 17% compared to 2022.

Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development, rolled out these statistics in a recent talk, asserting that this is evidence that Singapore must not relax its strict anti-drug stance.

Speaking at a Ministry of Home Affairs seminar, Assoc Prof Faishal said Singapore drug policy must continue to be based on science and evidence. He cited Thailand as an example, saying that after Thailand legalized marijuana, the number of people smoking it increased fourfold.

He added that after British Columbia legalized drug possession, the number of drug-related deaths every day also continued to rise. The Minister of State claimed that if Singapore ignores these facts, the country’s drug situation will worsen.

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The ruling party politician said that in order to protect its people, Singapore must continue to take action to curb the harm caused by drugs.

Assoc Prof Faishal reiterated the importance of social solidarity in the fight against drugs. He sajd that to do this, the country must conduct convincing and credible research to provide evidence for the harmful effects of drugs.

This can better inform the public about the dangers of drugs and help Singaporeans not fall for misinformation about drugs, he argued.