aespa recently made their comeback with the release of their full studio album, “Armageddon,” accompanied by a music video for the title track.

The album achieved a significant milestone by reaching the top spot on the iTunes album chart in the United States, marking the group’s first album to attain this position.

As of May 28, 2024, “Armageddon” not only topped the U.S. iTunes album chart but also secured the number one spot in 25 other regions, including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Chile.

Additionally, the album dominated the digital album sales charts on QQ Music and KuGou Music in China.

Perfect All-Kill

The title track, “Supernova,” released on May 13, 2024, achieved a Perfect All-Kill (PAK), a highly coveted accomplishment in the South Korean music industry.

The album “Armageddon” garnered over 1.02 million pre-orders, earning aespa the million-seller title for the fourth time.

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The album comprises 10 tracks, including “Set the Tone,” “Mine,” “Licorice,” “Bahama,” “Long Chat (#♥),” “Prologue,” “Live My Life,” and “Melody.”

Music videos for the tracks “Long Chat (#♥),” “Licorice,” and “Live My Life” were released as pre-releases, adding to the album’s anticipation and success.

Preparing for second world tour

aespa, consisting of members Winter, Karina, Ningning, and Giselle, is also preparing for their second world tour, SYNK: PARALLEL LINE 2024.

The tour will commence in July in Seoul, South Korea, where they will perform for two nights before continuing to various cities and countries around the world.

aespa is known for incorporating a metaverse concept into their music and performances. Each member has an “ae-version” counterpart in the virtual world.

They helped popularize hyperpop in K-pop, a genre characterized by energetic, futuristic sounds and catchy hooks. Their music also includes elements of K-pop, hip-hop, EDM, trap, and more.