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K Shanmugam’s involvement in a dispute between the rescuer of a dog and its adopter has thrust  the Law and Foreign Minister into the spotlight again.
Not all are surprised because he has also met people involved in gay/lesbian issues and those with housing and other social problems. All these meetings have made their way into his Facebook and finally into the newspapers and TV channels.
Even Shanmugam’s recent effort to help an accident victim became a full-page report, accompanied by pictures, in The New Paper.
Singaporeans are not used to seeing their ministers resolving issues like this with the publicity machine in tow. So when a minister springs up and publicises his actions in Facebook and they then make the news, it is only normal for speculation to take over.
Why is he doing this? Doesn’t he have other more pressing matters to tackle?
Singaporeans are also not used to their ministers stepping into issues that don’t come under these politicians’  purview.
How will the other ministers feel? Is the PM ok with this?
There is no doubt that Shanmugam’s image  is getting a makeover. And he seems to be making some headway with the sceptical types. Even a lady who is known to be anti-establishment liked his most recent Facebook post on Tammy.
The minister with a perpetual smile might continue to get more likes. But the real question is whether these likes will translate into more votes for his party, come the next GE. If it does, then Shanmugam is headed for big things.

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