Tan Jee Say

Below is Mr Tan Jee Say’s response to Nicole Seah on his Facebook fanpage.

Tan Jee Say
Tan Jee Say

A brave new world awaits Nicole. Carpe diem.

Nicole Seah’s FB post came out when I was in London. A friend alerted me to it from Singapore.

The next day, Today’s reporter Sumita texted me :”Hi Mr Tan, this is Sumita from Today newspaper. Would it be possible to have a word with you today on what Nicole Seah posted on her facebook about having her “arm-twisted” to lobby for you in the presidential election? Please let me know if you can comment. Thanks.”

I whatsapped my reply : “Hi Sumita, I am in London now. I have read Nicole’s post. I am surprised. We can understand the stress that she has gone through. We are all here to support her. I speak from the bottom of my heart.”

Sumita came back with more questions : “Do you have any idea what she is referring to when she said her arm was twisted to lobby for you? Have you spoken to her since the presidential election?”

I replied : “No idea. Spoken a few times.”

Many things have happened to Nicole this year, her two job losses, her health and the diagnosis of her dear grandma’s illness. We wish her well in coping with these setbacks. This predicament gives Nicole a timely opportunity to reflect on what she wants to do in the next stage of her life. She can soul-search and decide to strike out a new path to develop herself professionally and politically. There is still so much for her to contribute to society. A brave new world awaits her. Seize the day, Nicole. Carpe diem.