Home News Wheelchair bound 77-year-old dies in malfunctioning lift accident in Pasir Ris

Wheelchair bound 77-year-old dies in malfunctioning lift accident in Pasir Ris




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A 77-year-old wheelchair bound man fell backwards and cracked his skull in a fall in Pasir Ris. Chinese newspaper Wanbao said that the accident happened because the lift in which he was in, was misaligned by 15 centimetres above the ground when it opened at the ground floor. (Update: CNA said that the misalignment was 25 cm)
This is what the 15 centimetre gap looks like.
1That the accident occurred at around 10.30am yesterday (15 May) morning, at Pasir Ris Street 21, Block 247 HDB “A” elevator. The man who lost his life Mr Lim Hang Chiang lived on the 10th floor of the flat.
The man had entered the lift with his back facing the door while on his motorised wheelchair.  When the elevator reached the ground floor, the old man reversed his wheelchair without noticing the huge gap. He fell backwards and hit his head.
The fall caused his skull to crack and bleeding in the brain. He was rushed to hospital, but fell into a coma soon afterwards. His family decided to take Mr Lim off life support this morning. He passed away soon afterwards.
Responding to media queries, Pasir Ris Punggol Town Council chairman said investigations into the accident were ongoing and that they were checking the lift’s past maintenance records.

Further update on the accident here: https://theindependent.sg/lift-operations-were-suspended-immediately-after-accident-mp-zainal-on-incident-which-killed-77-year-old/

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