Video: Producer David Teo slapped by actor in front of Najib Razak!

Picture Credit Berita Harian: Teo seen shaking Najib hand while actor being contained watching from afar...

Watch the video here:

In a first sign of failure of the much taunted Transformsi Nasional Lima Puluh (50 years National Transformation) or TN50 promoted by Prime Minister Najib Razak, a film director was prevented from speaking at an event held at the Seri Perdana with Najib as main speaker.

The film producer, David Teo was slapped right in front of the PM by veteran actor Sulaiman Yassin rushed over to punch him in front of Prime Minister.

Teo is the chief executive of Metrowealth Pictures (MiG).

After the beating, Teo said he wanted to speak to Najib on behalf of the artists at the back that wanted their aspirations to be heard.

“I was not given a chance to speak to the PM. I have no idea it was a gimmick. I don’t know him personally,” he told reporters when met after the event.

The TN50 event last night was supposed to be a round table discussion between Najib and the nation’s leading entertainers to find out their aspirations for the entertainment industry by 2050.

Sources said more such scuffles or prevention from people to speak in the near future, as Najib has given the impression that he should not be ‘disturbed’ at such events.

In the recent past, reporters were slapped, pushed and threatened by body guards and police officers escorting Najib at events.

The reporters wanted to query the PM directly on the 1MDB saga!

Speaking to reporters after the event, the actor said the punch on David Teo was staged and was part of the nights event, which the producer denied.