Video: Maid failed to properly lookout for kid playing in carpark


Facebook user Weng Huiru flagged a maid for not caring properly for the kids under her charge in a public carpark. The incident happened on 11 Feb near Block 533 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. The video showed the kid riding on a tricycle unattended in the carpark.

“She wasn’t even looking out if there are any vehicles at all! She wasn’t aware that a car was behind them at all!” – Weng

Waaaaaaaa so dangerous!!! Only when i honk then the helper pulled the kid by her arms!! PS: I honk not coz of anything. But is coz its so fking dangerous for the kid to play on the road!!! She wasnt even looking out if there is any vehicles at all!! She wasnt aware that a car was behind them at all!! Couldnt get to capture the helper's face. But she was walking towards Blk 533 Ang Mo Kio.

Posted by Weng Huiru on Saturday, 11 February 2017