Umno man praises Mahathir’s new government

Datuk Moehamad Izat Emir, an Umno figure-head in Selangor well known in the business circles, praised the Tun Dr Mahathir government for its excellent start.

It is a great 1st of June 2018 where all of us are celebrating the zerorized GST rate & several other major decisions made by the Government to rehabilitate the economy.

“As our Government is doing an excellent job of executing measures to save our nation, I call upon the business community to focus on exports,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Moehamad is the President of Persatuan Pedagang Asean (PERDA-ASEAN). He is also a founder of the Perdasama.

“I would like the business community to make out all effort to promote Malaysia’s products. We are rich in commodities and manufacturing products such as palm oil, rubber, timber, furniture, cocoa, pepper, kenaf, tobacco and many others,” he said.

The UMNO Petaling Jaya Selatan division chairman of the Setia Budi branch, however, said there must be a dialogue with local banks to assist in the drive to export Malaysian goods.

He said it was also necessary to introduce various facilities to enable the business community to enhance the export capability.

“But also there is need to thoroughly guide the business community so that Malaysia becomes a cleverer exporter just as other countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and some parts of Europe (Italy, France and so on).

“To help our business community succeeds, the banks need to proactively come forward to provide active supports for export industries. Time limit to meet and discuss with the banks on issues on export should be highly welcomed with full assistance from the banks,” he said.

He said the current government is doing an excellent job of executing measures to save the nation.

He started his letter with ‘Salam Harapan’ which is used by Pakatan Harapan.