Uber rumoured to be under CPIB investigations over car purchases



Private hire company Uber may be involved in an investigation on car purchases made by its car rental company Lion City Rental (LCR), The Business Times reported.

Uber has been hit by a series of scandals lately, with their founding CEO, Travis Kalanick, admitting that he needs leadership help. Last month, former CEO of Expedia, Dara Khosrowshahi took the top job to reform their internal  processes.

According to Business Times, there has been talks in the parallel import industry about the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) calling up former and/or current Uber staff over LCR’s car purchases.

When contacted, a CPIB spokesman replied: “Due to the nature of our work, we will not confirm or deny whether any individual or entity is being investigated for corrupt practices or any criminal activities.”

An Uber spokesman said: “We do not comment on rumours or market speculation.”

This comes after Dara Khosrowshahi took over as Uber’s Chief Executive Officer in August, with a promise to improve the company’s corporate culture. He succeeded Travis Kalanick, who resigned amidst a series of workplace scandals in June.

The company is also facing a United States federal probe into whether it has broken laws on overseas bribery. The investigation is focused on suspicious activity in at least five Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea.

Last month, it was reported that Uber was reviewing its Asia operations. The company notified US officials about payments made by staff in Indonesia, after an employee was said to have made payments to continue operating in an area not zoned for businesses.

Two weeks ago (Sept 22), the ride hailing app was also stripped of its operating license in London. Khosrowshahi will be meeting London transport authority Transport for London commissioner Mike Brown to try to resolve the situation.


  1. What can you expect from a company whose founder is hell bent on killing off taxi companies all over the world to dominate with his private hired vehicle transportation model. To play by the rules? What rules?

    • I dunno about taxi agency from other countries but judging from how taxis run in Singapore , I say to have an alternate choice of private transportation is direct karma to these taxi agencies , it’s like a tight slap across their faces . Totally deserve it !!!!!

      Uber having to cast their rental so cheap for a first hand car ,will more of less rise some eyebrows despite having shitty insurance policy to carrot all these drivers renting with them . Either ways , private hires are here to stay be it whether you like it or not

  2. If it is not operated by or funded by the G, and if it is taking business away from the G, then it must be crushed. That is how this country is run: a Mafia operation.

  3. Wow purchasing from parallel importers also salah meh?. Is it more than it?.

    Renting out don’t need fanciful accessories but basic unlike the agent’s fanciful fittings with a price to pay¡.

    It seems the Honda model got them into this fix!. Large quantity units the acquiring create the battle of busines!

  4. Comments either pro ph or taxi = one sided head

    Someone shld give an objective analysis of the situation encompassing aĺl stakeholders roles/responsibilities/interest etc and supported by facts/figures/names or as one saying goes in crime , follow where the money goes

    Research methodology based on qualitative/quantitative data but be prepared to be scrutinized if facts are misrepresented. For
    motivation , the best write up shld get some rewards not just salary as mainstream media journalist/editors get to concoct based on agenda. In this light, i remember one journalist foresee the death of taxi industry due to its 1st world standard of doing business including its drivers but alas, sph had downsized as people sway to alternative media which is more objective – pot calling kettle black

    I believe there is potential and market for gòod sincere writers

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