Two men fighting over last toilet urinal at Aljunied MRT station, both arrested

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Two men were arrested at Aljunied MRT Station on Sunday evening after allegedly fighting over the last available toilet urinal.

The incident took place in a crowded toilet at the MRT station, at around 8pm, after which the police were alerted.

A spokesperson from the police said, “Two men, aged 32 to 39, were arrested for affray”.

An eyewitness at the scene said, “Two men were arguing over whose turn it was to use the last available urinal”

He continued, “It escalated into a big fight, from inside the toilet to outside, that also involved the men’s respective companions. There were about four men in total, with two on each side.”

Three Transport Security Command (TransCom) officers came to break up the fight.

The eyewitness also added that the men continued to scuffle even after the police came, and stopped only when the police “became more firm”.

Police investigations are still ongoing.

Netizens however, found much humour in the incident.