Tan Cheng Bock joined by WP for Iftar dinner

Photo: Tan Cheng Bock, YouTube screengrab

Apparently, the call for Dr Tan Cheng Bock to enter the political scene has not died down.

An Iftar dinner he attended on Wednesday, where Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Workers’ Party (WP) were also at, somehow turned into a push for him to come back to politics.

Dr Tan joined the Iftar dinner on Wednesday evening, and along with him were WP MPs such as the Vice Chair Muhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap.

In a Facebook post, Dr Tan wrote: “Last evening l joined residents from Bedok to share the special moment of buka puasa. The organisers of this Food for the Poor event have been distributing free meals to residents for some time. That day, they had already spent the afternoon distributing free food to the poor. This is a fine gesture”.

About running into members of WP, he also added, “At the event, I was pleasantly surprised to meet members of parliament from the WP. We had an enjoyable time sharing a nasi bryani meal from a common plate. l was glad to be introduced to the chef who had worked the whole day preparing this delicious meal and l thanked him for his hard work”.

His Facebook post, which received 202 shares and almost a thousand reactions had almost all of its comments making references to Dr Tan joining politics.

Many even compared Dr Tan to Malaysia’s Dr Mahathir and the similarity with their ages.

Should Dr Tan come back to the political scene?