Still critical accident victims of graphic motorcycle-car collision identified as Malaysian Certis Cisco officers


More details have emerged about the motorcyclist and pillion rider who were admitted to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s intensive care unit with multiple fractures after they crashed into a stationary car on Seletar Expressway (SLE).

The accident occurred on 24 July around 10.40am, before the Lentor exit. A car had stalled at the right-most lane of the highway when the motorcycle crashed into it. The two men were violently flung off the motorcycle upon impact

It has since been revealed that the accident victims are motorcyclist, 24-year-old Danny Raj Muniappan and pillion rider, 21-year-old Trivikram R L. Both men are Malaysian citizens employed by Certis Cisco.

It has been reported that the accident occurred as the two good friends were returning to their rental home in Johor Bahru, following the end of their shift at Changi Airport.

Danny continues to be unconscious since the accident and has suffered a ruptured bladder, fractured pelvic bone, a broken left arm and left leg, besides having lost a lot of blood.

Danny’s father has reportedly stated that doctors are waiting to operate on his son next week since he has “some swelling and blood clots in his brain.”

Trivikram has been drifting in and out of consciousness and has not been able to speak since the accident. He too suffered a fractured pelvic bone and a broken leg.

Certis Cisco has stated that it will extend assistance to both the victims and their families.


  1. Suspend the Driving Licence of that idiot who stopped his car on the wrong side of the Seleter Expressway! He had no cow sense to put any fore warning signs 30 meters behind his car to warn motorists of the danger he has imposed! What an imbecile!

    • yes, for high speed lane, break down sign must be place further away. Say at least more than 10m to warn other drivers to have more reaction time.

  2. Will a tiny triangle prevent this accident when a stationary car beside it did not?
    At the speed and amount of traffic, will rider be able to change lanes?
    So many things wrong how ah?
    BTW breakdown can plan which lane to stop? Or push car on Expressway?

    No one wants this to happen. Hope they survive it and have insurance to cover the bills.

    • Samuel Tan S B ppl like u , if u r the driver causing the accident and if the motorcyclist died, u will be telling the judge, no choice la car break down, put triangular sign no use la, who ask him to speed. Or not my problem , ask the car why it suddenly breakdown. Ppl like u will meet your karma one day.

    • As i said, you failed to read what i wrote properly.
      Who is right or who is wrong, legally not up to me to judge.

      Please learn to read.

      Karma is a bitch… stop being one.

    • U are right. For those who post comments, please watch the Video again n again before blaming the Driver of the breakdown car. I’m sure that everyone can judge what is the speed of the motorbike and the pillion who fly. For those who commented negatively, please see from your own eyes how our neighbor country bikers drive their motorbikes at AYE towards 2nd Link when they are going back home. We drivers have to watch for them rather than they look after themselves. . .

  3. even if u are traveling at 90km/h n not speeding at far right lane, a car dangerous stalled on far right lanes will have high chance that other road users colliding from behind. All necessary precautions have to be taken for the drivers of the stalled car to be taken esp placing breakdown sign behind the car. For car that stalled in high speed lane, the sign should be placed even further away, preferably more than 10m apart for other road users to have more reaction n breaking time in case drivers are not aware that the front vehicle is not moving. For a car travelling a 90km/h, a stationery car in front of u may appear to be moving until its too late. only drivers will understand what i meant.

  4. I think deep inside our mind we all know that putting the triangle plate on HIGHWAY is more for covering our backside in this case. It has very limited practical effect to remind reckless driver/rider like this.

    A car with boot open cannot see, another car almost come to stop and signal to switch lane also cannot see, what to expect from a small little triangle on the road surface?

    So, for those who think “what if” the driver put the triangle sign accordingly, will this accident be prevented? I personally dun think so.

    Hence, I agree that the driver should do his part (put the triangle sign). BUT, I disagree to blame him for causing the accident. Think again and see it at another perspective, he might have done us a favor.

  5. Although I sympathise with both the rider and his pillion it must be pointed out that the biker was actually weaving out dangerously from the 3rd to the 1st lane as seen from the second video captured from the back of the car whose front video captured this footage and of course at such speed he had zero chance of ever avoiding the collision !
    Wrong time wrong place ?? You be the judge !!!

    • At last someone who has actually seen the footage speaks up unlike somebody else who keeps on barking non stop….The way the rider rides his bike, he gave himself zero chance so stop blaming others period…. However, still wish them both a full recovery n to be more careful on the road in future

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