Stark naked man spotted crossing road at Serangoon North without a care for the pouring rain or shocked commuters

A stark naked man was spotted crossing a road at Serangoon North Ave 1 without a care for the pouring rain or shocked road users, yesterday evening around 8pm.

Sharing a video capturing the incident, netizen Lee told reporters that she was driving her car with her husband and two young daughters (aged seven and ten) in tow, when she slowed down for a pedestrian crossing the road.

It was only when Lee took a closer look that she was shocked to find that the man was completely nude as he crossed the street and continued strolling down the sidewalk. Lee recounted:

“It was raining heavily. We were on our way home from Serangoon North Avenue 1 heading towards Ang Mo Kio. We stopped at the zebra crossing for the man to cross.

“All of the sudden, I realised he was naked. He was walking briskly and swinging his arms as if he is enjoying the walk in the rain.”

Calling the sight both “funny” and sad, Lee shared that she and her husband unsuccessfully tried to shield their children from the sight and were both too shocked to call the police: “My hubby and I were so busy trying to get my girls not to look at him, even though they did. We were so shocked that we didn’t even have time to make a call to the police.”

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Posted by Stomp on Tuesday, 3 July 2018