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ST readers ask Sumiko Tan to take a break until the next century




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Referring to an announcement in The Straits Times (ST) that one of its editor, Sumiko Tan, will be taking a break and that she will be back next year with a new series, Facebook user Felix Cheong exhorted, “No, no. Don’t resume writing. Take a break till the next century. Please.”

Ms Tan has drawn criticisms from several ST readers for making use of the newspaper as if it was her personal blog. There is an entire Reddit conversation dedicated to her ‘pointless’ column about her life.

Prominent blogger mrbrown commented on the user’s post and said: “What new series? “My Hemorrhoids and Me”?”

Referring to Ms Tan’s Twitter handle which was included in the announcement, another Facebook user Urich Lau said: “Luckily I don’t have twitter”.

While Regina De Rozario said: “But but who can I hate-read now?”

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