Shocking video of SBS bus driver appearing to fall asleep at the wheel while driving goes viral


UPDATE: SBS Transit has responded to the viral video by claiming that the driver had “neck pains” and was not falling asleep while driving. SBS Transit claims that the bus driver in the video has neck pains that cause him to “bend more than normal” but added that this does not hamper his driving ability. It added that the bus captain is medically certified fit to drive. Read the full story here.

A video of a public bus driver who looks to be dozing off while driving has been going viral since it began circulating in social media this afternoon.

In the viral video, the driver who appears to be middle-aged looks to be drifting in and out of sleep as he drives the bus, with his neck and head moving forward and backwards as though he is drowsy:

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Posted by Darius Chan on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Public bus drivers typically work six days a week and nine hours per day. The average age of a public bus driver is 55 years – just seven years shy of the national retirement age of 62.

Netizens responding to the shocking video, that has quickly garnered over 1000 shares already, have expressed concerns at the danger falling asleep at the wheel could cause. Others also criticised the person shooting the video for just taking the video and not waking the driver up:

SBS Transit claims bus driver in viral video has “neck pains” and did not doze off at the wheel