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Singapore domestic helper borrows thousands of dollars in employer’s name from five moneylenders




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Facebook user Velle Yee has cautioned Singapore residents against hiring her former domestic helper after the helper borrowed thousands of dollars in Yee’s name from not one or two but five moneylenders.

Sharing images of her ex-helper, along with images showing her ex-helper’s passport and work permit, Yee shared on Facebook that she and her family found out about the former helper’s debt in October 2017. Discovering that the helper, 32-year-old Sismar Amor Mae Roma, had borrowed money from a moneylender, Yee lodged a police report to protect herself since Sismar had used Yee’s contact information in the loan application form.

Six months passed. Last month, another moneylender sent a letter to Yee’s home demanding due payment for an outstanding loan. When Yee confronted Sismar, Sismar claimed that she had repaid the loan in full but Yee discovered that this was not the case when she followed up with the moneylender.

Yee shared: “Given her history lying, we made the decision to cancel her work permit and send her home as we have two small kids in the house and were concerned about our family safety. Her work permit was cancelled on April 24, with a ticket purchased to Davao City for April 26.”

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However, that was not all. After cancelling Sismar’s permit, Yee received a threat letter addressed to Sismar regarding a past loan. Yee’s family immediately filed a police report, When confronted, Sismar admitted that she had multiple loans outstanding from several licensed and unlicensed moneylenders. When the police paid a visit to Yee’s home and questioned Sismar, they reportedly found that Sismar had accumulated over $2100 in outstanding debt, licensed, unlicensed and installment purchases from at least five money lenders.

According to Yee, the police took Sismar into custody for further investigation and that Sismar remained in custody until she was sent back home on 26 April. She was even escorted to the airport by the police.

After Sismar’s departure, Yee’s family began receiving deliveries of packages that Sismar purchased – from gold jewelry to new phones. Yee has also been receiving letters from pawn shops like Maxicash, leading her to discover that Sismar had bought jewelry on installments and pawned them to send money back home.

Yee added: “FDW has been a habitual liar about everything since joining our family. Any time she was confronted over an error made, work not completed, or as above, the loans, she immediately denied everything or placed blame on someone else. The only reason we tolerated this was due to the effort and cost involved in replacing an FDW in Singapore.”

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This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Earlier this year, we reported that another domestic helper allegedly borrowed thousands of dollars from loansharks in her employer’s name before absconding.

In that case, the helper’s employer alleged online that her domestic helper returned home under the guise that her husband was shot dead, when in reality she was simply fleeing from loansharks who were after her after she had racked up thousands of dollars in debt:


“In due course of time we have got to know that she has taken loan of thousands of dollars from various unlicensed money lenders who have been threatening us every day till today through calls and whatsapp and sms. (She gave my name and phone number as guarantor.”
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