Secondary School teacher uses counterfeit notes printed at home to pay for massage and sex


A secondary school teacher was found guilty today of printing two counterfeit Singapore $100 dollar notes and using them to pay for the massage services of a Vietnamese woman, whom he testified he had sex with.

During an eight-day trial, the teacher – 44-year-old Daniel Wong Mun Meng – claimed that he had photocopied and printed the $100 dollar notes at home, to use it as a teaching tool during his maths class at Bukit Batok Secondary School. He said in court:

“In late July 2015, I photocopied two $100 notes of the same serial number using my home printer and ordinary A4-sized paper. It was an experiment to use it as a teaching tool, to excite and engage the students during my maths class because I believe many of them have not seen a $100 note before.”

On why he picked a $100 note, the ex-teacher explained he chose the denomination since it depicts various uniformed groups in Singapore schools:

“Since it was SG50, I wanted to infuse national education in my subject.”

The court heard that Wong carried the two fake notes in his wallet when he went to meet masseuse Nguyen Nhu Trang at Orchard Towers on 3 August 2015. Deputy Public Prosecutor Asoka Markandu said that the pair were sitting in Wong’s car after they had negotiated a price for her services, where Wong showed the counterfeit money to Trang before placing it inside her handbag himself.

The pair subsequently checked in at a Fragrance Hotel branch in Balestier Road around 2.45am that day and checked out about an hour later. Wong testified in court: “She provided a full body massage for me and thereafter, we had sex.”

However, Trang disputed this and claimed that she only gave him an oil massage.

The pair parted ways after Wong dropped Trang off in Kim Yam Road near River Valley Road that morning. He testified that it was only after he had dropped her off that he realised he had “mistakenly” given her the counterfeit notes. He told the court that he immediately went back to the drop off location but was unable to locate or contact her.

Wong’s lawyer, Ms Melanie Ho, argued that Wong had given Trang the fake currency by mistake and it had been an “accidental use.”

Meanwhile, Trang later tried to use the counterfeit money to make a purchase at a supermarket where she was caught by an alert cashier. Following an investigation, police officers nabbed Wong at Bukit Batok Secondary School on 20 Aug 2015.

Bukit Batok Secondary School subsequently suspended Wong from duty in December that year. A Ministry of Education (MOE) spokesman said:

“MOE takes a serious view of educator misconduct and will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against those who fail to adhere to our standards of conduct and discipline.”

Presently out on bail, Wong will return to court for sentencing on a later date. He could be jailed for a maximum of 20 years and fined for his offence.


  1. Wah! What a nice cooked up story! National Education includes going for massages & not paying for services rendered?

    What a lame excuse to have paid by mistake.

    Anyone out there believe?

    • Andy, i would like to give full mark for what you had said that characteristically he is an honest guy. But i also more inclined to believe that some are good at using intelligent ignorance cleverly like those academy -award actors who are equally adept at convincing others that they are not good at lying at all. i am not a psychologist who can tell or judge a person with just one cursory glance facially and conclusively add that he is innocent by any measure. I trust that who ever vouch for his good character must have known him like the back of the hand.And what i found ironical is how can a person of well -meaning profile would dare to venture out for such a sleazy or shady activity or to put it simply sinful indulgence where virtually all teachers should either be a ‘RM’ , ROLE MODEL or a MIRROR IMAGE to the students and more so to those of impressionable age. Also , do you think the judge would buy his embellished account of the juicy tales that the counterfeit note was mistakenly or inadvertently given to the body-service provider. i dont wish to expand on the crux of the issue and can only hope that a learned brain can help you to wriggle your way out of this entangled web of problem. since you have had got yourself mired in the pit now..

    • Raymond Giam Giam You got me wrong! I don’t believe the shit he is trying to tell the judge! I agreed with you that all teachers should be of good characters n role models to his students!

    • Moral intelligence and cerebral intelligence are two different intelligences. The first is largely developed during growing-up years. Any amount of acquired knowledge could not make one a morally better person if the mind is perverted. What he needs is better self-control.

  2. As a teacher and knowing the fact that photocopied notes are illegal, you are not allowed to carry around. Needless to say if you use it for teaching you should stamp ” Sample “. Thus you can differentiate the fake one on the spot. Therefore it is lame excuse based on your story. God bless you if the judge sentence you light.

  3. This website likes to use the word “foreign talent was caught doing this and that.” So for this news, why didn’t you use “Local talent used counterfeit note …….”

  4. Oh Mr teacher…there is such thing called “google”.
    And your students could have use that to find out what a $100 note looks like, don’t you think so?
    Either you are dumb or you just think everyone is so dumb to believe in your crap excuses.

  5. i think he got a stupid lawyer or he is stupid using print note to show student as a excuse . like a few ppl have said now computer so common easy can find information why need to print also some have said show real note also can. But one thing he must be coming from some mountain don’t he know now student are pretty loaded the way they can spend money for 1 week at least also 100 so really need to show. if want to show go print a 10000 dollars note la I think he himself also don’t have one to copy.

  6. A very sweet lie. If he do not have that evil intent- he would have put the photocopied notes at home with his teaching materials not in his wallet. He thinks the viets are not well educated so can pull a fast one. Such low qualities teacher I wondered those students he taught. Hope he don’t have to teach anymore

  7. I can understand even a teacher needs massage and sex, but why the stupidity of using counterfeit money? how stupid to think he could get away with it, what a lame teacher.

  8. You teach until siao cheong nao Har? Print $100 to teach? Why don’t you print hell money note and pass it to the Vietcong flower ask her pass you Vietnam rose on your holy dick?

  9. We are no idiots as to think you can fool us with such a urban tale .
    1) Being a teacher yourself by soliciting a service of sex , you have already commuted a offense
    2)By “mistakenly” offered the counterfeit money to the illegal sex service , you have again committed another offense and have ridiculed your reputation as a educationer .
    3)By using such a urban folktale to back your offense , you have officially insulted the whole entire population in Singapore

  10. This is cheating. A cheat can never be a teacher. Because of $100, he is landing himself in this state now. How many things can you spend with only $100? Gosh.

  11. To excite them in making counterfeit money?? If he say most of the kids have never seen a $100 note then wats the point of seeing a counterfeit one??? Talk cock sia..

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