Home News SDP's Paul Tambyah: "The world has changed, but the PAP have not."

SDP’s Paul Tambyah: “The world has changed, but the PAP have not.”

Mr Tambyah said in a Facebook video that the reason behind the PAP's decision to hold the elections is "just to promote their personal political agenda"




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In a brief creative video, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chairman Paul Tambyah shared his thoughts on the elections and the nation’s ruling party, the People’s Action Party (PAP). He also encouraged those who support the SDP’s cause for justice and equality in Singapore to continue to do so.

The SDP on Thursday (July 2) shared a video on its Facebook page. Though candid, the video captured Mr Tambyah addressing important topics and issuing a call to support the SDP. He began by sharing his thoughts on the ruling party, the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s decision to hold a General Election during a pandemic. He also cited Singapore’s local transmission cases of Covid-19. “The world has changed as a result of the pandemic, and there is no indication that the PAP have changed,” he said.

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Posted by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mr Tambyah argued that the reason behind the PAP’s decision is “just to promote their personal political agenda.” He also did not fall short of calling out what he thinks is the PAP’s strategy–“Simply the tired, old, suppression of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and by extension, the entrepreneurial spirit of Singaporeans,” he argued.

In contrast to this, Mr Tambyah referred to the SDP’s key focus on individuals and their freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which he said fosters entrepreneurship and development in Singapore.

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He then urged people to continue supporting the SDP. “Getting into Parliament is an expensive business,” he explained. “It’s going to take lots of funds and lots of effort…this time round, we don’t have rallies. What we do have, though, is we have merchandise.”

The SDP office is located in Ang Mo Kio and is open from 10am to 8pm. He urged people to support the SDP by buying merchandise from the opposition party’s office. “Buy a book, buy a bear, buy an umbrella…buy something and make a contribution to democracy in Singapore.”

He also took a moment to acknowledge the funds people contribute online–with some even given up to S$1,000. “The comments that come with the contributions are even more heartwarming,” he said. “They say (they) really admire the SDP spirit of not giving up–of speaking up for the people of Singapore…and that really warms our hearts and encourages us to persevere.”

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