Schizophrenic Chinese national jailed for assaulting SIA staff after being denied entry on flight due to her own mistake


A Chinese woman has been sentenced to 24 days in jail for throwing a signage at a Singapore Airlines ticketing staff member.

The victim, 30-year-old Sharin Chan Suet Gek’s nose and left eyebrow split open due to the attack which occurred after the perpetrator was denied a boarding pass for failing to provide adequate proof for why the details on her passport did not match the details credit card that was used to book the ticket.

The Chinese woman, 33-year-old Chang Lihui insisted that she had used a family member’s credit card to book the ticket but could not verify who the family member was nor whether that individual had agreed to buy the ticket for Chang.

Sharin advised an agitated Chang to inform the credit card owner to contact the SIA office in China to confirm that they had consented to the purchase. Chang claimed that she did not have a mobile phone and that she was unable to contact her relative.

After Chang proceeded to shout and volley abusive words against Sharin, a male SIA staff member stepped in to tell Chang that SIA cannot accede to her request.

Following this, the male colleague left and Chang demanded a refund from Sharin. Sharin responded that it would take 2-3 weeks to process a refund request, before moving backwards to discuss the matter with her supervisor over the phone.

It was at this point that Chang picked up a “Counter Closed” sign nearby and forcefully threw it at Sharin. The signage hit Sharin squarely in the face and she screamed in pain, bleeding from open wounds on her left eyebrow and nose bridge.

Chang was arrested at her hotel one day later. A psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health diagnosed Chang with schizophrenia, but added that she was not of unsound mind at the time of the offence.


  1. From my experience most airlines do not check on the payer card but SQ does
    I experienced such a problem when I checked on for a flight with a replaced CC, having lost mine in between the booking date
    Then I had PPS status and asked to speak to the Supervisor who then okay-ed the check-in

  2. Airport security never taser her brain outright to save cost since SG cannot cane her to get even for physical abuse and now we Singaporean have to pay her jail time and IMH treatments because under custody and law of protection for insanity pleaded…!

  3. What is the point of further stigmatising the mentally ill by making it look like she committed a crime as if she knows what she’s doing? Not helpful to add to ignorance and “lock her up” comments.

    • Would you say the same if she throws a brick at your spouse or child or parent or sibling till the skull cracks open? If you continue to say so, I salute you man, you’ve attained nirvana…

    • Yes because I’ve had a violent uncle who was mentally ill and threw a brick at my grandma, his own mother. Almost killed her. But he’s sick and was remanded at the mental hospital. If you don’t know what the illness is about Faizan Juli, I’m guessing from your comments you’re totally ignorant, kindly refrain from asking stupid what-if questions when i have experienced the real thing. I’ve not attained nirvana. Just learned how to cope with a tragedy.

    • Wow! You’ll soon attain nirvana bro. I suppose if it happens again this time from a stranger you’ll attain nirvana. For me, tit for a tat, blood for blood. I’ll never attain nirvana… sigh sigh…

    • Because they know they can get a lighter sentencd if mentally unsound. Everybody should start giving mental illnesses as an excuse to get away with things.

    • Here’s another point of view which I will thank SIA for :

      Of course if the ticket was bought with a stolen credit card and this lady is an extremist then how ?
      The rest of the passengers will suffer if she has ill intention on the plane.
      Also in her state of mind she opens the cabin door half way during takeover or flight ??

      My 2 cents worth ..
      Hope u don’t mind

  4. Airlines seldom check, and there is usually time between the purchase and charge and the actual travel date for inconsistencies to show up. But perhaps there was a query on the charge? Or was the airline merely being bureaucratic? In any event, if this person is not a PR no problem she can go back to PRC. If she is a PR why is she here?

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