Reader demands woman who accused police of abusing sex workers to clarify



I understand that The Online Citizen (TOC) published an open letter to demand for the statistics of complaints on police officers and none of the police in the cases was punished.

I just saw this from HardwareZone forum (read more). I am shocked by the accusation made by the lady Vanessa Ho that the police involved in the recent raid on illegal brothels had use the services of the prostitutes and one police pointed gun at a prostitute who tried to escape. This is very serious.  I understand that she has deleted her post but I feel she should be responsible for what she posts on the social media.

Did the police really do all these things and why did she remove the post?  She post on facebook because she doesn’t like police or someone told her to remove.  I hope she can clarify if the matter is true or perhaps TOC can help pursue this, since it is a very serious matter.  If police really did it then they should be taken to task but if she posted it because she dislikes police, can police charge her for fake news and all the baseless accusation?

Reader contribution by Nicholas Wong



  1. Our police is a bunch of useless political puppets. When come to phone scam, they did no action. Now these scams have developed into more sophisticated scam such as fake police website. The police always say be vigilant. That is just a sloppy way of solving a crime. How do we know whether it is a scam or not a scam when the person seem to have all our information on us? Is our data being leaked out somewhere?

  2. Confirm fake ….. apart from annual shooting test , police man will never withdraw their revolver even when face with situation of danger ….. just turn and run only lo. 5 bullets only not enough….. how to tackle little India riot ? Lol……

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