PRC caught by LTA enforcement officer for unsafe driving trashes e-bike


Netizen Mohamed Ali shared a video of a man who was confronted by an enforcement officer from the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Ali said that the man is from PRC. The man can be heard saying ‘buyao, buyao’ (don’t want, don’t want) to the LTA enforcement officer before trashing his e-bike. The officer can be heard saying that he would have to call the police if the man turned aggressive. It is unclear if the man was able to understand the officer.
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It is unclear when the incident happened but the video was uploaded this morning. The video clip has gone viral with over 2,000 shares since it was uploaded in Facebook.

LTA reported in October last year that more than 700 cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) users have been caught for unsafe riding since May 2016. LTA enforcement officers only issue advisories to reckless riders and distribute brochures on safe riding at the moment. Legislative changes are in the works to give them powers to issue fines.

A 53-year-old woman was knocked down by an e-bike in Pasir Ris in September last year. The accident left her in the intensive care unit, and she had to undergo brain surgery.