Featured News NUS student makes seditious comments

NUS student makes seditious comments

Pang's Instagram stories were rude and obnoxious with posts like “Locals, y’all bloody pests. No wonder can’t earn for shit”




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Mark Pang, a 23 year-old Engineering student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) was recently called out for making seditious and insensitive remarks on his Instagram account.

Recently, he posted Instagram stories with rather offensive and almost seditious content. Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. These photos or videos are not private and can be publicly viewed for the 24 hours that they are up.

Some of Pang’s Instagram stories included sayings such as “Locals, y’all bloody pests. No wonder can’t earn for shit”.

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He also made inciting remarks about the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) such as, “ Better not test my patience Singapore.. it runs out real fast bloody SAF better buckle tf up before I call China”.

While it was unclear who or what he was addressing, one particularly seditious comment was, “This country is bloody corrupted and I want EVERYONE TO LOOK INTO THIS SITUATION”.

In the same vein Pang also commented, “Foul mouthed locals now I see why y’all underpaid..3.5-4K? Bloody madness. Now I know why we’re rich and ur poor scumbags”.

In a comment thread, Mark Pang also wrote, “Friends, family and acquaintances. Look into Singapore’s history. It’s bloody corrupted. The SAF is one of the worst armies in the world. Bloody disorganized EVERYTHING”.

Tagging the Ministry of Defence in his comment, he wrote, “The bloody head of mindef better wake up his idea before I shut down mindef as well”.

The above instances from Pang’s public social media account were submitted by a whistleblower who wished to remain anonymous.

TISG has reached out to Mark Pang, as well as NUS for further comment. /TISG

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