Featured News Netizen claims to have figured out Ho Ching’s minimum salary with some...

Netizen claims to have figured out Ho Ching’s minimum salary with some assistance from Mrs Goh Chok Tong

The netizen speculates that Ho Ching's annual salary is S$7.2million using a formula he claims Mrs Goh Chok Tong has 'helped' him come up with




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Under the guise of anonymity, yet another netizen thought that they had cracked the code and figured out the CEO of Temasek Holdings Mdm Ho Ching’s salary. However, this time, the netizen claims to have done so with the ‘help’ of Mrs Goh Chok Tong.

Two days ago (July 30), the netizen, a user on popular forum website hardwarezone.com, shared an article about the National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) then-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) T.T Durai.

During the proceedings of the NKF scandal, former NKF patron Tan Choo Leng, wife of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, sparked further outrage when she remarked that T.T Durai’s pay of “S$600,000 a year is peanuts”.

Going by her full statement where Mrs Goh said, “For a person who runs a million-dollar charitable organisation, S$600,000 is peanuts as it has a few hundred millions in reserves”, the netizen wrote, “NKF’s reserves stood at S$262 million as of July 2003.
Therefore, the ratio of peanuts ish 600k/262000k*100 = 2.3%”

Sharing an article from CNBC, the value of Temasek Holdings’ portfolio was estimated to be about 313 billion Singapore dollars.

“313000mil/100 * 2.3 = 7.2 mils Excluding perks, allowances and bonuses” was the final calculation by the netizen, guessing that Mdm Ho Ching’s annual salary minimally came up to $7.2million.

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Previously, another netizen, Philip Ang, speculated that, Ho earns “about $300,000 a day”. -/TISG

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