Netizen claims that Malaysians have more class than Singaporeans for taking better care of their shared bike


A netizen has claimed that Malaysian bike-sharers have more class than the Singapore riders for taking better care of their shared bicycles. The netizen shared a couple of pictures from the Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur which showed the bikes parked neatly in a bike sharing facility.

Who say Singapore first class country. Bukit bintang KL more neat and class with bike sharing facilities. No scattered and throw anywhere. All clustered together.

Posted by Tim Tan on Wednesday, 10 January 2018

He said that the bikes were not parked errantly like in Singapore. Local social media users had in the past shared videos and photos of how some of these bikes are parked, in a disorderly manner, in Singapore.

YOG commemorative park now turned into bicycle dumping ground 😡Hey oBike Singapore, ofo Singapore Mobike Singapore, when did you guys turn the Youth Olympic Park into a designated bicycle parking area?

Posted by Shawn Chung on Sunday, 28 May 2017

In October last year, local shared-bike app developers like Mobike, ofo and oBike said they would start using geofencing techniques to combat errant bike-parking by the end of last year.


  1. Undoubtedly true! Witnessed so
    Many seats of shares bikes been taken out for personal selfish reasons and dumped the shared bikes along highways at drains and you guys must have seen the couples throwing the shared bikes into the drain posted recently! Utterly hopeless behaviour!!!

  2. It’s mostly foreigners who use the bikes here. In Malaysia, it would seem like they got more class as their bikes are properly placed but that’s because their roads have potholes everywhere, can’t even cycle safely so actually nobody is using the rental bikes lah!

  3. I think we don’t protect our own bad behaviors of irresponsibility. It is fact that we Singaporean has this bad habits of selfishness. You can really see all type of bicycles being thrown around bus stops, HDB blocks, even nearby private condos. Accept our mistakes and try to learn from it.. But very doubtful we’ll change as most of today’s youngsters are being brought up just like this. Let those who throw the bicycle anyhow read this and try to change their attitudes.

  4. True that there are more foreigners using bike sharing. Park here and there irresponsibly. Unlike our own locals, singaporeans who were caught destroying the bikes and local couple who were caught and stomped for throwing the bikes in the drainage longkang. I agree foreigners who parked and threw on the ground are much worse