Asia Malaysia Najib disappears after comments on superstore closure backfires on Twitter

Najib disappears after comments on superstore closure backfires on Twitter




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Fallen Prime Minister Najib Razak who is planning a return to active politics together with his former Umno deputy Zahid Hamidi is tasting the sour grapes on Twitter after he linked the closure of a supermarket to ‘bad economy’.

Najib who was Finance Minister for 9 years in a tweet asks how many stores under the Giant brand are closing down under the Pakatan Harapan regime? He adds a WhatsApp message saying the Giant store in Shah Alam is closing down. “I understand not only Giant is facing closures and bad economy.”

A response to his tweet from one Mike who claims to with Giant for 16 years says the branch in the Shah Alam section 18 closed because the rental agreement ended and with an increase in rental rates, the company decided not to renew the tenure.

He says he is the Human Resource manager at Giant and the decision to close the branch was made 3 years gao (which is under the Barisan Nasional) regime headed by Najib and not instantly.

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Najib did not respond to the HR manager, preferring to ignore the explanation.

One Serigala Rimba @kiven_g says “Ex PM is caught lying again. Is this the amateurish standard of Bossku? It is a slap from the HR manager of Giant after talking nonesense.

In his tweet, Najib says the loss of jobs and mismanagement of the economy befalls on Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng who is from the Democratic Action Party and is the main figurehead in Umno’s attacks against the Pakatan Harapan.

Giant is an established brand in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

In reply to supporters of Najib who tried to defend the ex-PM, Mike says his aim in replying to Najib was to clarify the situation.

Some accused the HR manager of creating a new account to take on Najib, to which he says his posture has nothing to do with a new Twitter account but he is here to give the right information whether those questioning him accepts or not.

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