Man repeatedly pulls boy from car and throws him on the ground, still some netizens sympathise with man

At Sengkang East Way, a man was caught on camera repeatedly throwing and pushing a boy to the ground.

The video of the incident – which took place on Monday – was shared by netizen Adriel, and has been circulating around social media.

In the video shared on Stomp, the man and the boy are standing beside a white car as the man scolds the boy. After this, the man returns to the driver’s seat. When the boy attempts to get into the car through the passenger door, the man violently pulls the boy out of the car and throws him to the ground.

However, the boy gets up and tries to get into the car again.

The whole scenario is repeated a second time, with the boy being pushed, after which he tries to get back into the car but is shoved onto the ground by the man.

The video ends with the man berating the child.

The resident who posted the incident said:

“No matter how your child is, is that the way you punish your child by throwing him out of the car and [leaving] him behind?”

It was reported that the woman who took the video called the police shortly after. According to her, the man left the child by the side of the road. He then returned later to look for the boy, who was being comforted by a resident nearby.
Police investigations are still on-going.

Netizens were a divided bunch, with some sympathising with the man, who is presumably the boy’s father.